A Doubtful Swedish-American Venture in the Medical Field

Authorities unable to act

Excerpt from the book

"What Christian Kinch and Thomas von Koch took control over when they in June 2005 started Bactiguard AB by buying 51% of Metacot Production AB was in principle a business empire (Figure 8).

Via the concomitant purchase of the patent rights to the silver coating technology (what was actually what they paid for) from Ad Tech Holdings Ltd on Jersey, they got hold of what had been the basis for the affairs of the “Meco Group” (read Astrid Deeth and Gunnar Walstam) ever since the beginning of the 1990s (see chapter 7.2).

As a result of the entry of the new owners, Gunnar Walstam stepped down from the CEO chair and for a shorter transition period instead became Senior Adviser in Bactiguard. Initially he remained as a member of the board but within a year he left also that position. Shortly later Walstam and Deeth got rid of what had been Metacot Production AB by selling their share holdings (49%) to the American hedge fund Noonday (44%) and Kaupthing Bank Sweden AB (5%) for 420 million SEK or about 63 million USD [Saldert, 2007]. "

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