A Doubtful Swedish-American Venture in the Medical Field

Gunnar Walstam
- economist and entrepreneur

Excerpt from the book

"Gunnar Walstam was born in 1955. He was trained to a Bachelor of Economics at the Stockholm School of Economics and has later been active in a number of different companies. The information mentioned below derives from the Internet homepages of some of these and in particular from the presentations of the board members. The following is some of the engagements found.

During the period 1979-1982 Walstam worked for the American business and consultant firm Bain & Company. In the years 1982-1985 he was on the staff of the telecommunication corporation Ericsson. In 1985 he took part in the establishment of the management company Proceed Ltd as a founding partner. Two years later, in 1987, he started Walstam & Partners AB (later renamed first to Metacot Production AB and then to Bactiguard AB) as an early part in the commercial development of the silver coating method."

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