A Doubtful Swedish-American Venture in the Medical Field

Patents applied for
by the Jersey company

Excerpt from the book

"Once the Meco agreement was signed, the efforts to patent the silver coating technique were seriously started. The development of the technique was in principle ready through the work Lundeberg and Södervall had made together. The same applied for the clinical investigations needed for CR Bard Inc to apply for permission from the FDA for manufacturing and sale of silver-coated urinary catheters.

These studies had been carried out under the guidance of Lundeberg and were presented in a series of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as in the doctoral thesis defended by the urologist Hans Liedberg in 1989 (see chapter 4). The one who came to take care of much of the direct contacts with patent lawyers and patent authorities in the USA was Astrid Deeth.

She made this in her capacity as CEO in Metacot US Inc. In the patent discussions she had close contacts with CR Bard Inc in order to ensure that the patents would be satisfactory from their point of view and make a license agreement possible."

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