A Doubtful Swedish-American Venture in the Medical Field

The patents
are sold to Bactiguard 

Excerpt from the book

"A basic prerequisite for the activities of Bactiguard AB was the purchase of the silver coating patents. This affair included all four US patents with Billy Södervall and Thomas Lundeberg as inventors. The transfer is mentioned in the patent database Espacenet and was effectuated on June 13 2005, i.e. the same day Metacot Production AB was purchased by Bactiguard AB.

Accordingly, an expense item of 458 million SEK (about 65 million USD) for acquisition of intangible assets is taken up in the annual report of 2005. This was financed by a new issue of shares for 180 million SEK and new loans for 274 million SEK. According to the database, the patents were transferred from ”Ad Tech Holdings Ltd, Channel Islands” to ”Bactiguard AB, Channel Islands”. 

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