A Doubtful Swedish-American Venture in the Medical Field

Thomas Lundeberg
- physician, researcher, inventor 

Excerpt from the book

"Thomas Lundeberg was born 1953 in Stockholm. Following high school degree he started to study medicine at Karolinska Institutet (KI).  After a few years he was engaged with the Department of Physiology as an amanuensis and graduate student. Professor David Ottoson (1918-2001) was his supervisor, a well-established sensory physiologist. Lundeberg’s doctoral studies dealt with vibration treatment against chronic pain and he defended his dissertation in 1983 [Lundeberg, 1983].

He then continued his clinical studies and in 1987 became MD. In parallel he continued his research and in 1988 became associate professor in physiology at KI. In the mid 1990s he spent a period as guest researcher at Istituto di Neurobiologia e Medicina Molecu-lare in Rome, an institute lead by Rita Levi-Montalcini (Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine in 1986)."

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